After hearing strange chirping sounds from the basement, a man discovered two tiny kittens and raised them into beautiful cats

Once a man heard a sound similar to the chirping of chicks, this sound came from under his house. Then he did not take any action, but the next day he again heard a strange chirping.

When this guy and his roommate figured out what was the source of the sound, they couldn’t believe it right away. This was the start of a long, wonderful journey.

It was cold that November day in North Carolina. The young man was returning home with his neighbor. They were driving down the driveway when they heard that same chirping.

“In the light of day, I was determined to solve this riddle. But my roommate beat me to it. She quickly found herself near the basement opening, looked in there and gasped loudly. Then she turned and shouted to me that there was a kitten, ”  says  our hero.

“I felt guilty and thought I should have been more enthusiastic about the investigation last night. I hurried to the basement and shone my iPhone’s flashlight inside. There, in the dirt, was a lovely and tiny ball of fur. His eyes had not yet opened, he was blindly sniffing around and crying – quite loudly at that moment.

The guy handed his flashlight to a neighbor, and she disappeared under the house. A few minutes later, the girl returned with a tiny cub in her arms. “She brought this little creature to me and I started cradling it in my arms. I was just overwhelmed by how cute this furry creature was and wondered what his chances of survival were. And then we heard the chirping again, only from the other side of the basement.”

The girl again went in search of the source of the sound, and a few minutes later brought another kitten.

The young people made sure that there was no one else in the basement and took the babies to the house, to the warmth. Their local cats were fascinated by the tiny newbies. The kittens had already warmed up a little, but were still very hungry.

“I got on the Internet to find out what to do in such situations. I shoveled a bunch of information from comprehensive how-to guides to discussions on thematic forums. In some places they wrote that perhaps their mother had gone hunting and the kids would be better off if we just left them alone. I even almost believed in this version of events.

“But then we talked and came to the conclusion that if the mother cat had everything under control, then she would not disappear for so long while her children suffer from hunger and freeze in the mud.

The roommates went to the store to buy milk replacer for kittens and other necessary pet supplies.

“As soon as we got home, we warmed up the milk, made comfy nipples out of bottles, and then each of us fed one of the little angels. They finally got enough and calmed down.

The guy took on the maximum responsibility for the tiny kittens and learned to take care of them around the clock. He kept them warm all the time, as they couldn’t control their body temperature on their own at such a young age.

“They slept for hours and looked so adorable and content. Looking at the dense ball of two black bodies, it was impossible to understand where one kitten begins and the other ends. They constantly hugged and warmed each other.

“Recently I was fired from my job and I had a lot of free time. These little creatures saved me from depression, gave me a goal and the opportunity to be constantly busy. Caring for them and watching them grow has been, and still is, one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

“Every few hours we fed and cleaned the wool babies. They became bigger and stronger, their eyes opened, and the look acquired meaningfulness.

“Soon, they no longer wanted to go to bed quickly after eating, they wanted to play with toys or with each other more,” the man recalls.

The fluffy siblings were named Inky and Sue.

A year has passed and both kittens have grown.

“I can’t believe they are already so big! They’ve both been vaccinated, are in perfect health and are without a doubt the sweetest, softest, fluffiest animals I’ve ever seen.”

Two pet “panthers” snuggle up to their human dad every night. Whenever he sits at his desk or works at home, they cling to his knees and keep him busy.

“They don’t seem to be able to fully enjoy my company and love, and the feeling is mutual.”

“People tell me that the kittens were very lucky to move from a cold basement to my house, and that most likely I saved them from certain death,” the man shares.

“I think it is. And I also think that I was just as lucky – I’m really lucky, because I have beautiful Inky and Sue living with me!

“Maybe such statements sound “snotty” from the lips of a 31-year-old man. But they really appeared at the right time, and incredibly enriched my life with impressions.

“Cats (and animals in general) will give you back every ounce of the love you give them and add a little more on top.” 

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