Despite being only 1 month old, this poor little kitten has gone through many unfortunate events in its life

Some kittens are born with a very poor fate. Both chaotic and difficult since birth But the little cat is still lucky to have the owner to take care of him. Despite having encountered a lot of chaos, but the little cat gradually grow up strong

The story of the tumultuous life of the little cat. It was just a month old kitten. But having to meet with many stories, but the cat is still lucky to have an owner who takes care of him with love and care.

The cuteness of the little cat that is only 1 month old But his life had to be met with many stories, both chaotic and pathetic stories that happened to this little cat.

She had four siblings when she was born, but all of her siblings soon passed away. And its mother took this little cat to hide. until the owner almost couldn’t find the little cat ever

By the time I met the little cat, there was only one left. And not long after, his mother came again. But the little cat was still lucky that the owner had found him. and take him back to take care of him safely at home

Even if there is only one left But the cat was taken care of so well that he grew up little by little. From the tiny little cat, she is one month old and will continue to grow happily.

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