Despite having an extra toe, Macaroni the kitten was able to live like other kittens with the help of a caring person

Jacqueline Santiago, president of the Friends for Life Rescue Network , was notified of a tiny orange tabby kitten with extra toes on its front feet. In line with her experience working with kittens with special needs, she immediately offered to help.

Makaroni the cat is a polydactyl cat and has contracted tendons, which made his front limbs look “twisted”. He came under her care when he was four days old, which gave him an advantage. Newborn kittens have a better chance of straightening their twisted legs.

“This is often caused either by polydactylism (extra toes) or by a small mother who does not have enough space in the womb for her legs to stretch,” added Žaklin. Macaron has extra toes on each paw, which increases their size. Žaklin started physical therapy through massage and stretching. The tiny ball of fur, whose eyes had not yet opened, accepted everything.

By the time his eyes and ears opened, Macaroni was ready to leave his cozy nest to explore, even with his unsteady gait. He was fearless and curious, trying to “paddle” around with his big paws. With daily therapies, over time, his forelimbs showed improvement and were not as twisted as before.

He was on his way to get his legs in the right position. The boy was more and more active and playful every day. He enjoyed the company of his foster mother and her cat. With a timely rescue, little Macaroni is making great strides and is ready to conquer the world with his adorable personality.

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