Heartbreaking moment: poor helpless dogs chasing and begging their owners when they were abandoned made us cry when we saw this poor image

The dog innocently walked towards the owner’s car but the door did not open, the four-wheeled vehicle just coldly left in the surprise of the poor animal. Knowing he was abandoned, the dog desperately chased the car. Currently, the theft and eating of dogs or pets in general is still very much condemned.

The pets in the family are pampered to the point that the owner calls him “boss” because his care and attention is better than humans. So for many people, pets are an important part of their lives and almost like family. However, there are people who are abusive, tormenting and even throwing away their loyal “friend” in the middle of the road like an old item. The following heartbreaking and pitiful stories will make us rethink the indifference of people.

Recently, a video was shared on MXH that made many people heartbroken and angry. Accordingly, the dog tries to chase a car, sitting in the car are two women. No matter how hard the dog tries, the other two ignore it and are determined not to open the door. Then the car sped away, the poor pet also desperately trying to chase.

The incident happened in Mexico and is being shared and condemned by many people. The person who posted the video said he was taking his dog for a walk when he saw the incident. Accordingly, the owner pushed the dog out, then closed the car door and left. The bewildered four-legged animal kept chasing the car. The videographer also said that he could only record the latter part of the incident because it was so unexpected.

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