Thanks to the two kind women, the farmer did not succeed in getting rid of the cat and her kittens

Saving animals is a noble mission, and everyone who has ever helped a homeless creature knows about it. So, Kendra Kelly from New Jersey became a guardian angel for a whole family of fluffies who ended up on the street with their four-legged mother …

Kendra found out about these animals quite by accident. She went to visit her mother-in-law and father-in-law, and the old woman told her about the cat. Liz, as Kendra’s mother-in-law was called, explained that she could not take a four-legged mother into her house, but she tried to feed her and help her as much as possible. Liz called her Banshee and said that it hurt her to see the cat and her “kids” vegetate on the street without a roof over their heads.

Before meeting Liz, the poor animal simply wandered. As a result, the cat gave birth to kittens right on the farm, and the owner of the house was not at all enthusiastic about the appearance of a fluffy family. He was going to get rid of the kittens, but Kendra’s mother-in-law persuaded him to wait a bit. The woman promised that she would come up with something to help the little ones.

When Kendra found out about all this, she immediately rushed to call local shelters with a request to take kittens to her, but everywhere she was refused. Unfortunately, they either did not have the opportunity to provide for the maintenance of kittens, or the number of abandoned pets was already too high. And then Kendra realized that she would have to rely only on herself. She took the kittens with her…

Ten hours later, Mom and her kids were already in New Jersey, at the home of a kind woman and her family. After life on the street, tiny lumps were finally able to feel safe.

The Benshi, who was half-wild, somehow sensed the kindness coming from Kendra and trusted her. According to the volunteer, the kitty is very sweet and affectionate, and also a caring mother for wonderful fluffies!

The farmer intended to get rid of the cat with kittens, but two kind women did not allow him to do so.

They all live in Kendra’s son’s room and seem quite happy. And how much do animals need to be happy? Now the fluffy family is slowly growing, and when the kittens grow up, they will definitely find caring owners.

The farmer intended to get rid of the cat with kittens, but two kind women did not allow him to do so.

Kendra admits that this is her first experience of overexposure, but she is very happy that she was able to help tiny creatures!

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