The heart-wrenching story of a kitten unable to leave the side of its deceased mother brought tears to our eyes

“ Mom, open your eyes! ‘, maybe that’s all that the little cat is whispering in the ear of the mother cat who died not long ago. The poor cat, still unaware of his mother’s death, insisted on waiting by his side for many days. For animals, “dead” is a very strange concept, sometimes they simply think that their fellows are just sleeping. That’s why the new kitten guarded day and night beside the mother’s body, the poor appearance made many people unable to hold back their tears.

The cat refused to leave his mother’s body half a step because he thought his mother was still asleep.

This affectionate cat is a feral cat living in Korea. Since he was a child, he lived with his mother in a small alley, every day with his mother wandering for food on the street. Sadly, one day, the mother cat unfortunately died but the kittens were completely unaware of this. Every morning, he still went out to find food, but he took all the meat and fish for his mother, and he himself ate gravel to live through the day. At night, the poor cat lay next to his mother’s body, guarding him without leaving half a step.

A resident living nearby discovered the mother and cat and couldn’t help but worry about the poor little cat’s health while lying next to the mother’s body. Although the condition is very weak, the cat still gently licks the mother’s shaggy fur, next to the mother and daughter’s bed are the colors of food that the kittens find but do not eat quickly because they give the mother a share.

An X-ray of the kitten’s stomach shows a lot of small stones inside the stomach.

The cat rescue team quickly took the little cat to the hospital to remove the stones he had eaten earlier and treat a few minor injuries on his body. When the nurses brought in the mother’s body so that the kitten could see her one last time, despite the injured front paw, the kitten rushed to its mother, snuggled gently against the mother, and lay docile. Many people in the clinic that day could not hold back their tears at the sacred maternal love of the mother and the cat.

The kitten rushed to lie next to the mother cat’s body and did not leave half a step

After being taken to the hospital, the little cat was promptly treated and cared for carefully. Luckily, he was adopted a few days later. Living in a new home next to a loving and caring owner, it is certain that the little cat will be happy again.

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