The little kitten meowed pleadingly for help from humans, and as the girl stepped out, they not only saw the pitiful little creature, but also a surprising revelation behind it

A tiny kitten appeared at an unfamiliar house: he plaintively “cried” and “asked for help.” It’s funny, but the baby did not come alone …

“My boyfriend was in the yard when a kitten ran up to him… He meowed loudly and was covered in dirt and fleas!” recalls a girl named Hannah.

She herself went outside to understand what was going on.
In front of the girl stood a tiny kitten, which desperately asked for help. Helpless and dirty, he waited for attention. And after a moment, the girl heard small paws stepping behind her. She turned her head and saw another baby! It was the sister of our hero.

The kittens, who were named Theon and Yara, looked depressing. They were literally teeming with fleas, and thin paws could barely hold on to their bony bodies.

Luckily, they are in safe hands because Hannah and her boyfriend are very fond of animals. They grabbed the babies and rushed to bathe them in order to rid the kittens of parasites.

Yara turned out to be a strong “girl”, and Theon for some reason got sick. He looked listless and weak, and Hannah was very frightened. She was afraid that she would lose the little creature, which had in fact only begun to live.

The girl grabbed a towel and wrapped the baby in an attempt to keep him warm. And then she began to pour syrup into his tiny mouth so that the baby’s body would avoid dehydration.

Fortunately, after a few hours, the crumbs felt better, and he began to eat again.
He began to purr with joy that he was alive, but the girl was completely jubilant with happiness!

“He purred so loudly when I took him in my arms. Even when he was ill last night, the kid turned on the “motor,”  Hanna recalls.

Now my brother and sister are fine. They gain weight and eat with great appetite. And Theon happily climbs onto Hannah’s shoulders, as if she were a tree.

And the kids got a four-legged “nanny” – a dog named Bruce. He makes sure that the “kids” are in order, and in his own way helps the kind-hearted hostess.

It is hard to believe that until recently two tiny creatures were on the verge of life and death, and today they are clean, well-fed and truly happy!

May there be more people like Hannah and her young man. And then orphaned kittens and puppies will never be alone.

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