The owners chose to dispose of their pet cat as it was displaying an unusual symptom

This tabby cat with expressive green eyes was left without owners. People brought him to the shelter and abandoned the pet. As it turned out, there was a reason for this: a cat named Elliott  constantly sneezes !

Yes, this very unusual symptom scared the owners, and people decided that they did not want to keep Elliott in the house anymore. So, the poor cat ended up in the British shelter Cats Protection, where he has been living for a couple of months.

Initially, when Elliott first appeared, the staff decided that the “boy” was sick, so it was worth isolating him from the rest of the pets. The newly minted “pupil” sneezed terribly, and in the mornings mucus appeared in his plate. It could be a symptom of the flu or a cold.

Fortunately, after examination, it turned out that the cat did not have anything contagious. The pet suffers from a common allergy, as a result of which the nasal mucosa is irritated, and the poor fellow constantly sneezes.

Shelter manager Tanya Marsh says that because of this lack, people refuse to take him into their home. Every time they find out that Elliott has this problem, they immediately ask for another pet.

But in fact, he is very affectionate and kind! Tanya says that he is ready to cuddle all day long. Elliott stands up on his hind legs and raises his front legs to wrap his arms around the man’s neck and snuggle up to him.

“He is glorious! It just so happened that he has such a feature, ”  Marsh says sadly.

The problem is that the new owners will probably have to buy antihistamines for Elliott. They can be added to food, and the pet will stop sneezing. At the very least, his condition will obviously improve.

“He is currently not on any medication, but if someone takes him home and gives him medication and allows him to walk outside, there will be clear improvements!”  Tanya says. “  The cat just needs to be in the right place for him!”

Well, it remains to wish loving and understanding owners to the purr!

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