The Persian cat was on the brink of death but luckily, people rallied to help with all their might and were able to provide timely assistance

This Persian cat was found at the beginning of February by volunteers of the Pet Mondo Association. Emaciated to the point of death, hairless from head to shoulder blades, terrified and exhausted. The volunteers then stated that the pictures could not even show the desperate state in which this innocent animal was.

This cat received therapy every day , and they hoped that they would manage to recover him.

Over time, his hair began to grow and he slowly gained weight. He became endlessly cuddly, purring constantly and seeking human attention. They knew it would take time to fully recover, but they were ready for it and armed themselves with patience.

Good Živko was recovering, day after day it was getting better. In this , his friend Cicko helps him to a great extent, who first protested fiercely, and then accepted Živko in the best way.

In addition to recovering nicely, Živko shared another good news at the end of March – he got a new name, Gliša, and he stayed with a wonderful family that temporarily took care of him. Check out Gliša now. Do you know that all the pictures are of the same cat?

The difference between the first and last pictures is love. It was love that transformed this cat . “Our little is the whole world to them and sometimes it means life. “Gliša (formerly Živko) was on the verge of death, and now he is a beautiful, plump and happy cat,” the volunteers write.

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